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        2. Services

          Our Company has been supported by a well integrated, designed IT enabled ERP system offering an advantage in the product supply and delivery management for the customer.

          Our valued employees are contributing at every point. We are a motivated team at work, competing to better the best and versatile nature. We have high plant capacity complemented by the State-Of- the Art technology.

            1.   High Quality of Product.
            2.   Constant Up-gradation of facilities.
            3.   Satisfied customers.
            4.   Diverse range of Products.
            5.   Continuous investment in leather Development.
            6.    Recognised among the best in processing of Cow finished leather.
            7.    Recipient of awards for excellence in exports from the Government of India.

          Good leather has scattered its branches into different parts of Chennai and its operations has elaborated for leather - add - on. Visit our Group site: www.www.arlfyr.net