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        2. Product

                 W e are offering high quality products, diverse and increasing product range. Doing Prompt delivery for Customer content. We are Manufacturing various leather products as per international standards and brands.Most of all, We proud to inform that our company is the only manufacturer of patent leather in South India. We would say for patent what is exactly on the tin and box.

          Good Leather Company
                        Processors of Sheep and Goat Leather.

          Splendid Leather Company
                        Processors of Cow Hide and Cow Calf. (Processors of Cow Hide and Cow Half, located @ Ranipet)

          Good Leather Shoes Pvt.Ltd.
                        Manufacturers of Leather Shoe Uppers. (Manufacturers of leather shoe uppers and full shoes, located @ Sriperumputhoor,Pallavaram in Chennai)

          Venkat Shoes Pvt. Ltd.,
                        Manufacturers of Leather Shoe Uppers.(Manufacturers of leather shoe uppers, located @ Numbal, Chennai.)