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        2. Components

          We are Good Shoe Components Pvt Ltd., a GOOD LEATHER GROUP company and one of the Quality manufacturers of TPR, PU Soles and Ladies Heels - Plain / Stack Finish / Sprayed and Injected with Veneer

          We have a complete Italian Set up and our factory is located just near Sriperumbadur.

          For TPR manufacturing facility, we have 3 machines ?2 Single colour machines and 1 Double colour machine.

          Manufacturers of TPR Soles

          Chennai, India

          Manufacturers of PU Soles
          For PU manufacturing facility, we have 2 machines ?1 Banana machine with 18 stations and a Chinese Machine with 60 stations. We have facility of making Unit Sole and DIP shoe.

          For Heel manufacturing facility, we have 5 machines including 1 machine for producing heels with metal inserts.

          Apart, we have separate In House Laboratory for developing Finishes and we do all type of finishes like Two - tone, Antique, Brush off etc.,

          We have a Skilled and Experienced Team with sound Technical knowledge.

          Our Production Capacity :

          TPR Soles - 875000 Pairs Per Annum
          PU Soles - 875000 Pairs Per Annum
          Heel & Top Lift ? 875000 Pairs Per Annum